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Mold Testing: Los Angeles, Houston TX, Richmond TX

Rapid Response Mold Testing

Rapid Response Mold Testing performs Low Cost Mold Investigations, Testing, and Consulting for Initial Investigation and Post-remediation (clearance) Inspections. Our focus is determining the existence of indoor mold growth, type of mold, and the airborne mold spore concentration; we want to know what you and your family are breathing.

We do a complete mold investigation of your home, rental property, school, or business. We are designed to identify sources and instances of moisture intrusion and to detect mold.

Our findings, conclusions, recommendations, and digital color photographs are assembled into a complete written report. We use the best moisture detection instruments, digital hygrometers, Zefon Bio Pumps and Zefon Air-O-Cells (for airborne mold spore samples).

Primary types of lab samples that we recommend to test for mold:

  • Ambient airborne mold spore samples (air in the breathing space of a room)
  • Wall cavity air samples (air inside of a ceiling or wall cavity)Surface (direct) samples (swab, bulk materials, tape lift).

Our mold inspectors will focus on assessing and visually inspecting the infected area, sampling and checking for airborne mold spore levels and confirming or excluding growth in fungi. They would then determine the cause of the problem and include guidelines for procedures for clearing and restoring the areas affected.

Our customers in Los Angeles CA, Houston TX, and Richmond TX will get a detailed and accurate assessment of possible problems with indoor air quality control. Any place with moisture absorption in your home or office, such as wet areas or condensation, will promote the growth of mold. If left untreated, a building’s growth and spread of mold can lead to health problems and damage to buildings.

Mold Testing

How to find the right mold inspector

It is important to select a mold inspector who has appropriate experience.
We have the knowledge and skills of testing and remediating molds. We’ve completed over 80 mold remediation programs in the last six months.


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