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Mold Inspection in Los Angeles CA, Houston TX

Rapid Response Mold Inspection & Testing

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As a leading Mold Inspection Professional in Los Angeles CA, Houston TX, Richmond TX and other surrounding metropolitan areas, we know it’s no brainier, if you recently discovered a leaky pipe or other water damage, you may have a mold problem. If you notice a musty odor or discoloration, you should hire a certified mold inspector as soon as possible. For mold testing and removal. Los Angeles homeowners can turn to Rapid Responses Mold Testing, where we offer some of the lowest prices and the most reliable inspections.



Rapid Response Mold Testing was created with one simple goal in mind: to provide high level, affordable, professional, mold inspection, mold testing and mold removal services to people in Southern California, Los Angeles CA, Houston TX, Richmond TX and other surrounding metropolitan areas experiencing problems with mold.


Rapid Response Mold Testing performs Low Cost Mold Investigations, Testing, and Consulting for Initial Investigation and Post-remediation (clearance) Inspections.Our focus is determining the existence of indoor mold growth, type of mold, and the airborne mold spore concentration (we want to know what you and your family are breathing)

  •  Lead Paint Testing
  •  Post Remediation Inspection


Mold Inspection, Los Angeles CA, Houston TX, Richmond TX And Beyond

There’s a lot to be said for old-fashioned work sense, but technology advances have made a good thing better. We have embraced technology to the fullest and have backed it with good old-fashion elbow grease. Cutting Edge technology has allowed us to deliver superior home inspections, robust reporting with professional error free recommendations. We have spent the money to save you money.

What is mold remediation, and is mold remediation really necessary? Well unless you have an idea about mold spores and growth works, it may be frustrating to effective hire a mold removing company and knows how best to report mold situations.

Mold is microscopic in nature, which makes it nearly impossible to be totally eliminated, we have molds both indoors and outdoors, the level of its growth determines its visibility, while we have many mold remediation companies in the country, and we pride ourselves of superior service delivery.

For all mold scenarios, we have a unique mold remediation process we follow, with variations, as each situation differs from each other;

    • Give us a call: The process starts with a call on +1 888-387-4855, when we have taken your explanations and this will give us the baseline to start with.
    • Free Quote and Inspection: After a call with us, we will give you a free quote and proceed with a mold detection and inspection. We will carefully inspect your home for any visible signs of mold, using cutting-edge tech, Rapid Response Mold professional will be able to detect any growing mold and other water sources, contributing to its growth.
    • Mold Control: With the use of various procedures to halt the spread of the mold, our procedure varies from conventional to advanced techniques. Using procedures such as negative air pressure to stop the spread of mold during the clean up, negative air chambers to isolate the mold contaminated area with physical barriers. Also, all air moving equipments such as fans, heating and cooling systems will be turned off.
    • Air Filtration Procedure; Our specialized equipments, allows us to capture, microscopic mold spores out of the air.
    • Mold Removal: The processes we follow are based on mold growth level and the surfaces it grows on. Our professional utilizes anti-fungal and antimicrobial treatment to contain any mold colony growth and prevent new one from forming.
    • Mold cleaning of Belongings: Our professional mold tester will proceed to clean all properties/ belonging being affected by the mold. Properties may includes, furniture, drywall, curtains and other related items.
  • Restoration: Considering the level of mold and mildew damages, sub-floors and other building materials may be replaced. Repair may include minor repair services, such as replacing drywall, paint, and also setting up brand-new carpet; or it might require major repair services such as the repair of various areas or rooms in a residence or service.

As a leading mold removing company, we offer quality service at a competitive rate, as we believe every home should find a mold inspector that has got their back.

Post Remediation in Los Angeles CA, Houston TX
Post Remediation in Los Angeles CA, Houston TX
Post Remediation in Los Angeles CA, Houston TX

Established since 2007, we provide mold inspection and testing services to Los Angeles and the greater Southern California Region. We believe we are one of the most competitively priced companies in the industry.Over the past 6 years, we’ve performed thousands of investigations for a variety of clients and structures. We have thousands of satisfied clients.

Still in doubt for the best professional to hire for your mold inspection in Los Angeles?  Look no further, we are your best fit!




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