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Post Mold Remediation Inspection: LA, Houston TX and Richmond TX

Post mold remediation inspection and clearance in Los Angeles CA, Houston TX and Richmond TX.

Post Mold Remediation Inspection And Clearance

Post Mold Remediation Inspection And Clearance in Los Angeles CA

Our duty at Rapid Response Mold Testing during the Post Mold Remediation process of a project is to ensure that our client’s mold remediation job is completed correctly.

As a leading Mold Inspection Professional in Los Angeles CA, Houston TX and other surrounding metropolitan areas,

On your mold remediation project, one of our Licensed Mold Assessment Consultants will perform the final check. We will sign a Mold Certificate for the customer once we deem the project complete and successful.


Our Mold Inspection Procedure:

  1. Our mold inspection service in NYC begins with our team visiting your property and thoroughly inspecting all areas. If we detect the obvious signs of mold growth and thoroughly document these areas.
  2. Areas such as behind the walls are given special attention by our mold inspectors unit. We search for leaks, signs of water infiltration, cracks or holes, or bleached walls. This is because these areas are highly susceptible to mold pollution.
  3. Upon visual access to these areas, we verify the presence of moisture using infrared technology, which could lead to mold growth. In places where air and fresh air is lacking, and a high humidity content, mold is more likely to occur. Therefore we take care to carefully investigate these areas.
  4. The ventilation system, air cooling/heating device, damp filters and different areas are carefully examined to ensure that even smaller signs of mold growth are detected.
  5. Air Cassette samples are then taken by our licensed technician both inside and outside the property and sent to a different laboratory for examination. Any visual Mold signs are also disinfected and processed in our laboratory.
  6. We will verify the moisture of all fields examined and thoroughly record the results.
  7. All of our customers’ issues or problems are addressed by our licensed specialist.
  8. Upon receiving test results from the laboratory typically one to two working days later, we will contact the customer to see what the results are and what needs to be done if any.

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