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Mold testing professionals serving Los Angeles and surrounding area:

If you recently discovered a leaky pipe or other water damage, you may have a mold problem. If you notice a musty odor or discoloration, you should hire a certified mold inspector as soon as possible. For mold inspection and testing services, Los Angeles homeowners can turn to Rapid Responses Mold Testing, where we offer some of the lowest prices and the most reliable inspections.

Rapid Responses Mold Testing specializes in indoor environmental testing for mold-related matters. Our inspectors are certified and our reports are easy to understand. We make mold inspections affordable for owners, managers, real estate transactions, and tenants.

Whether you need initial testing, or clearance testing for mold removal, Rapid Responses Mold Testing is the company for the job! We are a “Test Only” company, which means we do not perform mold remediation (removal). We believe this gives our customers and clients the assurance there is no conflict of interest with our consulting recommendations. Consumers should avoid one-stop “Test & Repair” companies because they usually exaggerate problems and overcharge for solutions.